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Concerned about how you will make the transition to value-based care and improved patient outcomes?
Confident that you are effectively using the data in your EHR/EMR registries to engage with your patients?
Interested in ‘extending the walls’ of your practice to enhance care to all of your patients?
Is a clinic or provider in your practice negatively affecting your reimbursement?




If you answered YES to any of these questions you need to visit our booth at HIMSS17 or book a demo of the Cliniconex Intelligent Personalized Analytics Solution.
Cliniconex fully automates patient outreach with a secure and personalized cloud based solution that ‘lives’ in your EHR/EMR. Voice, text, and email ensures patients receive the right information at the right time.
About Cliniconex
Cliniconex is a value-based clinical outreach solution that automates patient outreach and enables physicians to track quality of care. Driven by your clinic’s preferred workflow, our light touch, automated communication, and reporting software not only streamlines pre and post visit outreach, but also offers an extremely customizable platform for preventative patient care and individualized patient health education.


Fard Johnmar

President, Enspektos LLC, Digital Health Consultants

Dara Vongviset-Barbuto
Sounds Care Medical Centre
"Adding Cliniconex to the our clinic fully equipped us to streamline our workflow, improve efficiency and provide better customer service – ultimately positioning us for growth."
Tony Pallaria
Markham Family Health Team
"The best part was that the implementation was very smooth. After the initial workflow analysis was complete it was smooth sailing. We turned it on, we tested it out and we are very, very pleased."
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Cliniconex is trusted by over 2,000 providers
Over 220,000 patient outreach contacts per month
Cliniconex integrates seamlessly with your EHR/EMR
Your patient’s privacy is our priority - HIPAA compliant
Extend the walls of your clinic with Cliniconex.
Better Engagement.  Better Care.


Dr. V. J. Kulkarni
"The service quality and the careful support from the people who develop the system changed my views on automated patient outreach."

As sophisticated as Cliniconex is, your staff will be up and running in no time. Following a consultation to configure Cliniconex to reflect your practice’s workflow, staff will virtually self-learn.

Cliniconex is 100% automated and operates in the background 24/7 with no manual involvement required. After a brief initial setup, run your clinic with confidence, knowing your patients are getting highly relevant, personalized outreach before appointments and on their health journey after.

Preventative Care Notices

Need to contact all of your patients or a pre-selected group to alert them of a clinic closure, a change in office address, a flu shot clinic, or a program promotion of your choice. Send a customized message efficiently and effectively and receive real-time tracking of their responses.

Registry Outreach

Customize registry outreach for patients outside the walls of your clinic using messaging triggered by morbidity, care protocol, age location demographics and provider preference.

Patient Surveys

Safely and efficiently collect important data about your patient base in alignment with government regulations. Cliniconex email or voice surveys fully integrate with EHR/EMR’s. The surveys are sent to a configurable portion of attendees in a day. We send back the report that can easily be stored for future reporting. This is a secure way to collect sensitive information, and requires less effort and time than paper surveys.


Patient-Friendly Choices

Cliniconex provides the most methods of communicating reminders so that you can reflect your patients’ individual preferences. Email, text, or even a phone call with Caller ID indicating your clinic’s phone number – Cliniconex has you covered.

Value Analytics

See in real time how your practice or hospital is performing on payout possibilities, evaluate which provider is performing better than another, and be able to act and react to provide better outcomes for patients with Cliniconex Value Analytics.

Health Education

Highly configurable engine to perform proactive health education programs based on an infinite number of variables in your EMR or custom registries , creating customized messaging for each patient.

Your front-end staff continues to schedule patient outreach as usual. Cliniconex works seamlessly with your EHR/EMR, no exporting of confidential patient data. Patient outreach are sent out with no disruption to your staff, freeing them up to perform more important clinical duties.

Works Seamlessly With Your EHR/EMR

Highly relevant patient outreach means behavioural changes. Cliniconex offers the most comprehensive Patient outreach solution. Our messages topical; they contain important patient-specific information. When following up on care gaps or health education patients pay attention creating positive outcomes.

Customize Your Patient-specific Reminders

Minimal Learning Effort

Set and Forget

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Industry Experts
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‘Effective patient engagement does create better outcomes but is heavily determined by the relevance and usefulness of the doctor and patient interaction. Cliniconex is providing a personalized approach that at the same time will save clinics time and money. This is exactly the kind of innovation that will move the needle on volume value.’

‘In the race to enhance and facilitate greater Patient Engagement, the focus on meaningful as well as intelligent information tailored to a patient is a key requirement. Cliniconex applies that level of intelligence into their product. This allows providers to customize their messaging to patients. As a result, Cliniconex routinely achieves a higher level of Patient Engagement than other solutions.’

Lucy Mancini-Newell

Managing Partner, The Kiran Consortium Group LLC

Conference & Exhibition

FEB 19 - 23, 2017 | ORLANDO


Prompt patients to contact the clinic, or set default automated appointments

Share destination details with patients whose doctors share time between clinic and hospital

Instructions are configurable per patient, per doctor to account for specific patient needs and doctor preferences

Include preventative related scheduling specific to patients, such as appointments related to diabetes, heart conditions, mammograms etc.

Highly Adaptable Health Education
Extend the walls of your clinic with intelligent, personalized patient outreach tools and analytics designed to streamline your shift to value-based care.
Care Gap
CAHPS Surveys

Compare multiple doctors

See how your clinic is performing

Compare one clinic is performing vs another

See Dr. Smith’s results in real time and course correct when appropriate

Program Trigger: Physical Activity, Smoking, etc…

Program Trigger: Zip code, etc…

Program Trigger: Age, Gender, etc…

Previous History Age, etc.

Summarized reports

Configurable time periods

Patient quality hospital results

Raw data comparison

Individual results per provider

CAHPS questions or customize your own


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